Dough-Faced Nation

28 04 2008

Hey, I just looked up and found an article in the Independent Weekly that I liked in 2005.  Observe it if you like.  Maybe you’ll like it.  It’s like that.

Here y’are


Mycelium Science Stuff

22 02 2008

So Amol, in his infinite generosity, procured for me a subscription to The Sun magazine, an ad-free, independent, non-profit, open-minded monthly that is published here in Chapel Hill and for which our friend Luc is an editorial assistant.  It is a truly excellent magazine and I recommend it to all.

The first interview in the first issue I received was with a man named Paul Stamets, one of the world’s leading fungus researchers.  I know that doesn’t sound too mind-blowing, but if you’ll read this article (or the abbreviated web version, anyway), you’ll have a newfound respect and fascination with the stuff.  It’s really amazing–and, believe it or not–inspiring.

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Meat Party!

15 02 2008

Here is one of my favorite qwantz comics: