lost earrings

27 07 2009

Today I went with Will to play some pick-up soccer in the city.  And today, for the third time in my adult life, I have lost one of my earrings while playing soccer.  I don’t know what it is about soccer that causes my earrings to abscond; I wondered first if they think to themselves that the grass looks like a nicer place to be than through my skin.  The point is that I’ve never lost an earring except for when playing soccer.  Not tennis, not mountain biking, not fight club. Not sleeping or cooking or driving.  Never.

Believe it or not, the most interesting thing about this situation isn’t the fact that I only lose earrings playing soccer.  More interesting by far are instances not occurring today at all.  They’re from the PAST.  My first example is as follows:  before I went to play soccer and lose an earring today, I found myself spontaneously shopping for earrings in Target and at the piercing pagoda in the mall a few days ago.  I haven’t had a desire to switch up my earrings at all.  I actually even asked myself, during said shopping expedition, why I was even looking for earrings in the first place.  I had no reason, but I looked on as though I did.

Then, two nights ago, I awoke around 4 in the morning from a dream in which I was looking for my earrings in my bags and in the bathroom.  I was pretty frustrated and started flinging my belongings out of my bag in search.  I remember thinking that it was going to be annoying to try to find a replacement set that I liked as much as I liked my current earrings, which I’ve probably had for about 4 years and for 2 ears.  Hmm…  funny.  Because “years” and “ears” rhyme, and because I’d already established the use of ordinals in describing the “years” and was able to easily assign another ordinal to the other, coincidentally rhyming objects in the pair.

I’m sure you’re interested to know what I make of this set of occurences.  Certainly you’re wondering if I, with my ever-stranger guestimates about the nature of time, am going to chalk this up to a freeing up of the fabric of time for a couple of instants, allowing me a hidden foreknowledge which I unwittingly use to react to events to come.  Or maybe you’re thinking that I’m guessing this is proof of the laterality of time, when there is no “now” or “later,” but there is only THIS and it’s all happening all at once and that’s how it’s so easy to know “now” what’ll happen “later.”

To end the suspense, I’ll admit that I’m leaning a little more towards B.  My earring hypothesis is as follows:  the loss of my earring happened, and as it’s the kind of thing that my mind would like to take care of as soon as possible (I’ll definitely go out looking for some new ones tomorrow, though I still haven’t taken care of my car’s sticking EGR valve because it’s not nearly as important), I began to anticipate this event of urgency with a pre-urgency that did it justice:  two clearly meaningful and unusual precursing events, one a dream and the other an unconscious intuition of a need to search for new earrings.

Because in the end, what’s intuition but excuse to buy things?  No wait!  What I mean to say is that intuition may be the human being’s compass, always pointing the listener towards the anticipated outcome in the grand scheme.  We…  we’re totally pawns and stuff.




One response

27 07 2009
red poncho bear

look man. i’m just a human that breathes air, not the mechanical dust of steel and iron that permeates robot air, but the kind that wants a man to know he’s a human, not a robot. you get me? what i’m saying is, future dreams are cool. my dreams have more than once reflected my present/future state. not literally, but in the way that they can influence and be influenced by what i’m thinking at the present moment. i still wake up depressed as shit every day thought. nothing seems to change that.

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