trophy wives in sedona

15 06 2009

i spent my saturday in sedona, arizona where the yups like to go for an aspen-spa-equivalent of a summer “outdoorsy” vacation.  it is quite a beautiful area, i’ll give it that.  red rocks, towering cliffs, nifty desert shrubbery.  i was returning from a 4.2 mile hike, nothing special, when a group of upper-middle-class soccer whore moms got out of an acura suv and walked in bedazzled flip flops to the edge of the gorge through which i’d just come.  “oh, girls!” cried one.  “i’m so proud of us just for coming out here!!”  another chimed in “it’s gorge!  if we’re going to walk any further, i’m going to get my tennis shoes.”  and another answered “it’s really dirty out here.  dirt poofs up every time we step.”  this really captured my attention.

it was like watching aliens from a swamp planet marvel at dry dust.  they were all staring at their feet while marching slowly in place, taking wide, exaggerated steps, and carefully watching for what would happen when their shoes made first contact on the foreign, possibly toxic surface.  after a few astonishing minutes of utter bewilderment, the thrill wore off, and they decided to get back to the car.  they murmured notes of mild appreciation to the driver for the adventure, and just before they were all back safely within the confines of the leather seats, one summed up their excursion for the annals of their lives’ travels:  “really pretty.  so dirty though.”




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16 06 2009
all is on

are you itching for some swarovski accents on your sanuks? is that it?

You know, there are just times and places; it’s not always, right place at the right time, or whatever, it’s just a series of coincidences. And while it was very unlikely for me to’ve been in some red rocks and desert brush instead of sitting by a lake on Saturday afternoon, you sure could’ve seen me get scrappy. I … I guess you’re writing these posts from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office detainment cell?

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