our brains are time machines

11 06 2009

don’t give yourself to anyone.  you’re going to want yourself back one day, and they’re not going to like it.

don’t let anyone give themselves to you.  the time may come that you realize that another’s happiness should never have been your responsibility to begin.

you can be a part of others’ worlds, nothing more.

what’s your passion?  are you sure it’s not your compulsion?

if something drives you, maybe it’s just as okay to not know where you’re going.  drifting is like this without drive.  planning is seeking a control that doesn’t exist.

i guess i’m a fatalist at heart.  but i also believe your action and intent determine the bent of your future.

i don’t believe in the best of all possible worlds.  i just see a bunch of schmucks frantically trying to make order out of chaos.  none of us seems to know how to accept that it’s not our chaos.  it’s not ours to order.

our brains are time machines.  we can’t use them because we’re still unable to be trusted.




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