4 06 2009

i realized that i am now over a month into my cross-country cross-dressing travels, and i have decided to commemorate this event with a post of some manner.  this post.  and apparently this manner.

i haven’t even sent out any postcards yet, which is maybe a shame.  but i’ve written some!  i decided that the amount of space on a postcard was so laughably short that i wouldn’t even bother trying to write anything meaningful, which has turned out to be way more fun than the regular posting.  so if you get a postcard, it’s nothing personal, and your name is being put on it probably at random, and you get to read it and deal with it on your own time.  if you want one, give me your address!  you’ll get… something!

anyway, let’s see… it’s kind of funny that i’ve been out for over a month, because i’m only in san antonio, texas now, and i don’t really feel as though i’ve been spending my time “wisely.”  but i’ve compensated for that by spending it “awesomely.”  i got an evening with my friend stephanie and her kitties in pittsboro, nc, which was, as always, great, illuminating, and a pleasant mental workout.

i got to spend a little time with my buddy vivek (v-neck) and his wife sonia (i’d give her an irreverent nickname, but i’m sure she’d kick me in an unacceptable place when next we met) in charlotte.  i put together some of their new patio furniture and confused v-nuts with the mighty boosh.  he’s probably still dragging his monkey knuckles through his cro-magnon scalp over that show, which delights me.  we went to a driving range where i totally outdrove him with the hugest driver i’ve ever seen in my life.

then i drove into southern illinois, where my friend su is in graduate school, archaeologizing.  i went hiking at the little grand canyon, which was great, and met a mess of her friends, all of whom i enjoyed quite a bit.  aya (not sure on the spelling) even gave me a trial stick of deodorant, swearing it had nothing to do with anything besides the fact that it was for dudes and she had it on her when she met me.  and then there was the crazy inland hurricane that struck and scared the crap out of me and tore hundreds of trees down in the area.  two of her friends and we made dinner on my camp stove and chatted into the night, and the next day, i left their electricityless arses to fend for themselves.  it was really a very enjoyable time, and it was so nice to catch back up with su, who is one of the nicest and funniest people you’ll meet.  i also understand they had their electricity back within 4 or 5 days.  not bad!

then i drove down to visit ex-roommie sarah and her man (of men) ari.  i don’t know what to say about this—they kept me for almost 3 weeks.  i simply couldn’t leave.  they had so many books i wanted to read, and kept offering me more and not letting me feel for an instant that they were resenting my being there.  i am hugely grateful that my life afforded me the opportunity to spend this time with them.  you never know what you miss when you’re away from people you care about, and you’re away from people you care about far too often in our world.  i was introduced to quiddler, an excellent word-making card game.  i fought ari to a draw on the chess board once.  i don’t remember losing ever, but i have selective memory, and i wouldn’t be surprised if we played 2 or 3 games beyond the one i recall.  i went to sarah’s roller derby match:  the baton rouge red sticks versus the new orleans confederacy of punches, which was such an excellent experience—i highly recommend going to these things.  the names alone are worth the admission.  abita hoedown was a good one.  i’m blanking otherwise, but that’s why i saved my program.  i fully intend to move somewhere with a roller derby team and date me a roller girl!  anyway, i go on and on, but suffice it to say that baton rouge isn’t horrible, but it’s awesome with awesome friends.  even though smudge, my beautiful and beloved stepkitty, took multiple poos on the bed i was to use before i arrived.  oh, and i want to give a shout-out to cecil, the rough-and-tumble neighborhood stray who rules so hard.  i miss that guy too.



anyway, i finally did get out of sa-ari’s hair and come to san antonio, where a family friend lives.  i’ve been here 4 days now, taking one day to spend in austin, which was so great.  i met some really fun people, went into really fun establishments, and could see myself living in that city as much as this country boy can see himself living in any city.  before i left, my new friend cory and i picked a mexican restaurant at random and ate.  it turned out to be pretty dang good, and had a pretty great band come in to play.  jovita’s is the joint and the band, whose name i can’t remember, isn’t listed on the site, but they were sick.  played some townes van zandt that made me very happy.  and the sound was incredibly done.  my ears weren’t even ringing when we left, and they were loud.

i also checked out the river walk in san antonio and tonight, i just got back from the alamo drafthouse, an excellent movie-showing establishment with seated service and a wide selection of beers and food.  i went for “weird wednesday” in which they show something weird for free, and tonight’s offering was barbarella.  jane fonda was pretty super hot, and now i’m jealous of ted turner.  also, she gets naked.  and gets dirty with several space men.  it was pretty excellent, and i recommend it.  years ahead of its time.

i guess that’s about it for what’s gone on on this trip.  in a nutshell.  in a couple of days, i head out for the rest of the southwest, and though i’ve got some spots in mind (white sands, grand canyon, mojave, etc.) i don’t really know anyone else until california (except maybe in flagstaff, but she’s been out of touch for too long for me to feel comfortable hoping to see her), so i’ll be doing a fair bit more camping, which is cool with me.  i’ll probably also cover ground a lot more quickly.  all this “guest room” crap is making me round and complacent.  why are people so nice to me?

i guess maybe these days, people are so easy to impress.  just don’t pee in their living room or steal any of their stuff and they think you’re the greatest thing going.  oh, i did drop a barf on sarah and ari.  they’re super easy to impress, it seems.




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4 06 2009
red poncho bear

do you ever get the feeling while you are actually experiencing things that they are/are not good experiences but when you stop and look at things to reflect that you can really see how much better/worse things were than you actually thought? seems like things are going well for you. of course, since i speak to you on average once a day (yes everyone, all 4 of you, that means sometimes it’s more than once a day), i already knew that. have fun through the desert. or is it dessert? either way, have some ice cream as you go through it and it won’t matter how i spell it. let me know if you need coyote protection, then i’ll send cody on his way. i’ll put him on a greyhound. i’m sure he’ll make it. i have heard that the west is the best. you’ll have to let me know if that holds water.

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