chatter o’ nothing

15 05 2009

i’m closing in on 2 weeks of being out and about i’ve realized, and i haven’t written on the subject so much.  i think about doing so relatively often.  after all, each day, things happen, and plenty of them are interesting enough to me, and could very well be to other dullards.  still, i haven’t felt much compelled to sit and talk about it.

one reason may well be that the trip isn’t shaping up the way i’d anticipated it would.  but if anything’s to be expected, it’s what one doesn’t expect, right?  i don’t mean that the trip has been full of surprises.  there have been a couple, sure, but really, events have occurred much as one might have guessed.  spent a night in pittsboro with a good friend, a couple of nights in charlotte, some time in southern illinois (during an inland hurricane, no less), and some more time in louisianna.  primarily baton rouge.  haven’t spent a night outside yet, as i’m catching all the friends i can on my trip.  not going at as quick a pace as i’d envisioned, but that’s because the primary goal of stopping in these particular places has been achieved in spades; i really wanted to get to know my friends again.  we all get separated by the dictates of our lives, and we’re distanced by the sheer living that takes place in the space that time introduces.  it’s what happens.  i wanted this trip to allow for unhurried reconnections with my peeps.

i’ve been leaving their houses feeling quite caught up and abreast of their lives, which has been great.  they all have interesting things going on, interesting ideas running through their heads, interesting goals in nascent stages that i hadn’t guessed they’d have been thinking of.  and again, i suppose this isn’t a surprise.  everything that’s happened could easily have been expected.  i suppose the surprise is in the feeling.  i don’t feel as i might have expected i would.  and that’s about all i know to say about it.  i can’t describe how i’m feeling, i don’t understand its origin, i don’t know what i’d rather be feeling, and i’m not upset or pleased about it.  it’s maybe kind of new.

it’s in the ether; i drink it, i touch it, and everything i see is tinted by it.  and since i’m such an analyti-nut, i’m going to not think about it further.  it’s a new period.  i’m just going to continue to feel it and see where that leads.

i apologize for the staggeringly uninteresting post.  how about this?  i got so freaked out by the tornado warning sirens that went off next to my friend’s 1920’s plywood home in murphysboro, illinois, and by the terrorizing intensity of the 107-mile-per-hour winds, that when there was a lull in the shaking of the house (things were being blown all over the place… tons of trees were downed, and her antenna was crashed down over her porch by this point), i took the opportunity to run out to my car and grab my motorcycle helmet… just in case.  and i wore it for the next 45 minutes of the storm.  and i took a picture.  enjoy this image of recently-frightened me having a laugh at my decision in the afterglow of survival.

reactionary?  you weren't there!

reactionary? you weren't there!




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