certain uncontainable

13 05 2009

there’s nobody
there’s no mountain
there’s no tunnel
you can’t get from there to here.
you. can’t. get. from here to there.

i’m not one for regrets.  i’m happy with things.  i like the situation.  but sometimes, i see something nice and i wish i could’ve been there at the right time for that, too.  you make me happy, even though you don’t mean to do so.  a pointless act!  which makes me a little nostalgic for the never-happened.




2 responses

13 05 2009
red poncho bear

and a good day to you sir. i just wanted to say, that on a personal level, i’m an enormous fan.

13 05 2009
red poncho bear

btw, if ever you doubt your committment to living your life on your terms, know that it’s almost 8pm and i’m still at work and working on something that is in no way something i should be involved in and that will probably take a lot of the night to do, and the guy that was working on it got fired this morning b/c he wasn’t “chargeable” which is a fancy term for bringing home the bacon, even though he busted his ass in every non-money making way he could to help out around here, which is WAY more than i can say about myself. he was a cool dude too. he will be missed. so yeah, much love and respect to you for doing what you got to do while the rest of us (i.e. me) have no clue why they do anything.

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