i have a cause

30 04 2009

i’m not much for voicing my opinions (except to those of you who VOLUNTARILY read it), because i feel that each person’s particular way of looking at something, however objective the subject may seem, is almost necessarily fine.  okay.  tomato/potahhto and all that.  what do i care?  the only time i bristle in general is when someone’s beliefs and actions affect adversely the way another person chooses (or doesn’t choose) to be.  obviously, i’m talking big topics here–human rights and police-state stuff, mainly–but on these topics there are so many voices that i never feel the need to make myself particularly heard.  i simply count myself among the numbers that are happy to live and let live, and voice my arguments when in a contained situation with no more than a couple of those who believe that those different from them are intrinsically inferior in whatever way.

now, to immediately contradict myself a bit… i rather do enjoy curtly pointing out to certain “religious” people when their behavior is inconsistent with that which jesus taught.  of course, it rarely bothers them, but that’s the fun of it.  two fundamental teachings they really seem to hate to be reminded about are judging not (god’s job!) and turning the other cheek.  challenging them to those tricks out of their daily constitution is like removing the jam from their proverbial doughnuts.  they are not fans.

anyway, though it’s too late to make a long explanation short, the point is that i don’t like to espouse my beliefs because most people don’t like to discuss differences.  they prefer to steel their anti-sentiments and dig a trench from which to hurl angry dissension.  fine!  i don’t engage.

but twice lately i’ve come across what seems to be a trend that scares the living daylights out of me… or creeps me out… or something.  you see, my 12-year-old nephew has recently been awakened to the world of INTERNET, and, of course, it didn’t take him long to get himself to myspace.   it was almost cute at first.  he asked me to help him put skulls all over his profile, and then animal skeletons, and blood and stuff.  it was all good fun, and while it struck me as a colossal waste of time, i sure can’t judge, seeing as how i…. well, you know me.  you know how i do.

BUT…  he has a total of 19 friends so far, and while i can’t say it bothers me that 17 of them are girls, a disturbing trend that i see when watching him navigate hisspace (furtively, over his shoulder) is that easily 90% of these 12-year old girls he has as friends have the same basic profile picture:  they’re gazing up at the cameras that they’re holding high above their heads, wearing tank tops, and leaning waaaaay over.  they are attempting to maximize and flaunt their pre-adolescent cleavage!  like—all of them!  i don’t judge, i don’t, and i don’t profess to say what’s “right” and what’s “not,” but this is an issue i cannot overlook.

oh, wait—i don’t mean to say i can’t overlook pre-teen boobs.  i was just seeing what my nephew was up to, man.  i’m not a pervert.  you know what i mean!

i have a cause!  i have no idea what to do about it!  i can’t talk about it much!  it looks bad when i do, i’m quickly learning!  i guess all i can do is ask you four nice people to alert any young girls you know to the possible inappropriateness of this phenomenon. stop them!  don’t let them relegate themselves to “item” status so flippin’ young, or ever, if they get their heads about them.  they don’t know what they’re doing yet beyond getting attention, that’s all i’m saying.

i’m no prude.  really!  i just feel that this trend is not entirely okay and maybe some people need to know about it.  oh, but not perverts.  dang, this is a tough topic for reals.

am i a just prude?




One response

1 05 2009
all is on

What?! Being a prude is where it’s at! You have way more time for baking that way.

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