big news

8 04 2009

i have big news for you:  you are hundreds, maybe thousands or millions or billions, of times larger than you were when you awoke this morning.  so is your shower.  so is your kitchen.  and so is every other room in which you’ve been during your life, and every other room in which you’ll be later in your life, none of which has cared in the least whether it was you there, or someone else, or no one else.  but if you’ve ever made marks against a doorframe to chart your growth, or been measured at a doctor’s office, you are immeasurably larger than when those measurements were taken.  also, those measurements are immeasurably larger.

everything is speeding up, and the faster something goes, the more mass it has.  that doesn’t mean that its size is any different, but it does mean that the observer has the opportunity to observe that the size is different.  check yourself now.  and now.  any difference?  the answer is yes, you’ve rolled into another part of space-time, or curved off for one theoretical reason or another, but i can assure you with all the confidence that comes from being and having been for so long that you are growing at an alarming rate, and so is your shower, and your kitchen.  so is this screen.  so are your eyes, and this corrects the unbelievable distance growing between them and this screen.

so much lies, and warbles, and hangs, unseen between your eyes and this screen.




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