The Capricious Nature of Reality

29 03 2009

Finally, I’ve come to a metaphor about life… probably the first one ever.

Understand life as you understand weather.  If you want the metaphor I just promised, fine, life is weather.  You can always make educated guesses about how things are going to be tomorrow based on today’s happenings, but you can never be sure. Whether it turns nasty expectedly or unexpectedly, there’s no escaping the situation at hand, so without complaining, act as you need to act in order to outlast it. Likewise, when you are lucky enough to hit a nice moment, don’t allow yourself to waste it. Regardless of what manner of patch you happen to be experiencing, you’re experiencing it, so take it in stride and remember that no matter how excellent or how horrible things are, they’re going to subside and you’ll be looking at the flip side at some point. Such is the nature of life, and weather, and this newly introduced coin that has two sides.  You are being presently called on to handle my mixaphor–are you complaining, or are you accepting it, knowing that it won’t be twisting into your mind forever?

Or… are you enjoying it?  Eh?




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