wired telephones and voice recording boxes

19 02 2009

back in the day when we all had telephones, and i mean home telephones here, and we all had answering machines since we couldn’t sit at home for the entire day waiting for someone to call and break the tedium of hoping to feel the tender rumblings of minor hunger in our stomachs so that we could eat and thereby break the tedium of waiting for an interesting phone call, did you ever have to curse yourself for hoping that someone specific called?

Maybe it’s an attractive (to you, not to some univeral or cultural archetype of attractiveness because that’s shallow, empty horse puckey and you are certainly more mentally liberated than than to bow to the dictums of simple media popularisation) member of the opposite or like sex, depending upon which you happen to be attracted.  Someone you met and hope to get together with sooner than later.  Someone who may or may not be soon offering you gainful employment.

Whomever the desired caller may be, there was a time when we couldn’t screen calls before answering them.  Before we could carry our phone with us everywhere we went and be reasonably assured that nobody could call without our being aware of not only who, but when.  We might have left the house for an hour and returned only to be wracked by the lack of knowledge–did you miss someone?  Did you not?  Even when you got an answering machine, if there wasn’t a message, there still might have been an attempted call.  Plenty of people didn’t like to leave messages.  How could you know?  You couldn’t.  Even worse, there could have been a message that was nothing more than the click of a receiver–someone’s receiver–signifying a definite call and no message.  And it was hard on you.

I ask, and this is my reason entire, because I want to know if you, when disappointed upon coming home to find no messages, ever went someplace else to leave yourself a message so that you could be sure that your answering machine was working properly.  It’s kind of messed up.  I was really thinking about this.  I think I’ve done it before, but I really don’t have clear recollection.

Well, I’m tired.




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