a dream

9 12 2008

i awoke this morning from a highly detailed dream.  perhaps they’re all highly detailed, but i mean to say that i remembered this one very well.  i was involved in some sort of game that took place in faraway jungles.  there were many of us there: perhaps 7 men and 7 women, and the native people were controlling the game.  it seemed as though it was set up reality-show style, unfortunately, but there weren’t cameras or outsiders.  there was also no physical prize to be won; the point of the game was to be challenged and see how strong you were.  the people there, i think, were basically people who believed there was more to the world than what could be seen, and were seeking to know it.  there was to be a game each evening until only one was left.  the first game had us in pairs, a man and a woman together.

the pairs were put onto floating planks in a swamp-like area of the jungle.  most pairs had a few planks and logs either coupled together or very near to each other, but ours was only a single plank with nothing much near it.  there were dozens of giant flowers all around us, with long, whispy lashes all around their perimeters, and they seemed to wave gently all the time, though i detected no wind.  suddenly we noticed that there were hundreds of monkeys, little tree-swingers, gathering in the twilight canopy above us.  one of the natives spoke, and explained that every year, these flowers proliferate and pose a terrible threat to the monkeys, but that the monkeys had devised their own plan to deal with it.  we were to watch the monkeys and make our escapes when we had seen their feat.

soon after, some of the monkeys began to position themselves around the canopy above us, and eventually, a couple of them dropped themselves.  as they were landing, the giant flowers near them snapped violently shut, even the ones that were only tangentially close to the ones that engulfed the monkeys.  the long lashes, it seemed were feelers that told it when to try to trap game.  suddenly, many monkeys, maybe a dozen, maybe two, dropped from the trees above and set off a massive flower trap sequence.  amazingly, the ways that they were hitting were sending the flowers in all kinds of directions, and the flowers were largely snapping each other.  lashes were flying everywhere, stems were standing alone, monkeys were swimming away (or not), and within a half of a minute, the action was spent, and all of the dangerous flowers were sprung or destroyed.  and thus the monkey population was safer, by the sacrifice of some.

then it was our turn to “escape” from the area.  i don’t think there was much danger, but the point seemed to be to get out without swimming.  everyone had some sort of clue attached to their spot.  we looked around and saw people taking parts of their floats apart and reconfiguring them, but we had only the one plank and no tools, unlike the rest.  our clue said something about franchising, which was strange until we realized that everyone else was building out, but also inadvertantly making structures close enough to us that we could use different parts of everyone else’s structures to transport ourselves.  i don’t remember how, exactly, but we did so, and put our mark on everyone else’s planks to arrive at the shore.  everyone made it fine; i don’t think the “games” were meant to determine a winner as much as teach everyone what they needed to learn.

afterwards, everyone came back to my house to hang out and relax.  we started to chat on the walk back and realized that we were all of the same basic ilk, looking for something not entirely determined but happy to be doing so.  i was talking to one guy who i found to be maddeningly familiar, but found myself continually trying to involve a nearby girl, who happened to know the guy i was talking to from before.  i knew no one in our group.  except this guy, who seemed so familiar.  the girl was reticent, though i could tell that she was interested in talking to me more.  she just wasn’t sure she should.  i don’t know why.  at one point, the guy was trying to get her to be more comfortable, and she ended up saying something about how she was here because she was trying to find new ways of exploration, that she had taken all the hallucinigens she’ll ever take in this world.

we got to my house and people sat around, talking or playing cards or whatever while i tried to be a good host and get some snacks and drinks out for everyone.  the guy and the girl sat in the living room nearby, and we continued our conversation.  my friend paul then showed up and sat on the couch, though he wasn’t part of what we were doing.  nobody minded, of course.  someone put a movie in or something and most people’s attention was taken to that.  i was asking paul and the girl what they wanted to drink.  paul told me, and i got it for him.  the girl wanted to know what there was, and i started telling her things.  i gave her so many choices that she got up and came into the kitchen to see.  the things she was considering were the non-alcoholic choices.  we started talking instead of pouring a drink, and it didn’t take long before we both realized that there was an undercurrent to our meeting, though i think both of us were surprised that it was so strong.  still, we chatted away, knowing that we were only buying time before we kissed.

after a few minutes, when we’d gotten about as physically close to each other as we could without touching, she whispered to me “let’s just go to your bedroom,” and i led her into the washing machine room just off the kitchen.  “this is where i sleep,” i said, grinning, and she smiled and shook her head at me.  we slid our arms behind each other and let our lips touch; then turned our heads a little, watching each others’ eyes, not with lust, but with curiosity, and let our lips touch again in a new way.  we didn’t know each other, yet we did. we touched lips again, never even blinking, and finally started to give each other gentle, shallow kisses, still shifting our faces, even shuffling our feet a little in a musicless dance of greeting.  soon, our feet stopped, and our moment full of intent had arrived.  we looked into each others’ eyes for a moment and registered the trust and peace contained therein; we pressed forward and let our lips kiss fully for the first time.  soft at first, then a little deeper, exploring each level fully before moving further, slowly and steadily moving toward the moment that the kiss was all there was, and we were empty vessels, the whole of our beings playing with and through each other within our lips.  Our kiss.

i awoke remembering this girl as though i should.  as though she was still with me, still waiting for me.  as i lay in bed and thought about my dream, some of the things that she and the guy who was her friend began to ring bells in my conscious mind.  Though they looked nothing like them in my dream (well, she still had long, brown hair), I realized that they were just like two people I met at my meditation course a couple of months ago.  Zach and Anastasia.  They’d gone to the same college together, a very small liberal school in St. Augustine, Floriday, where they both still lived.  They didn’t know they’d run into each other at the course.  It just happened.




One response

16 12 2008

that kinda reminds me of another random connection that was made while i was attending vipassana in the mtns of virginia. . .there was a guy there who had been hiking the AT and ended up hearing about the course from another hiker and decided he would take a break from the trail and sit for the 10 days. well, we briefly spoke on the first day but then after the silence was begun, we didn’t get to speak again for 10 days. on the last day, he had decided he was going to go back home to maine to attend some family events and not to finish the trail. so he asked for a ride back to dc with me and from there he was going to catch a train home. on the ride back we spoke of various things, our meditation experience, music we liked, his hike. then i mentioned that i had a good friend from maine that i met at UNC and that i had once gone there to visit. outside portland, to falmouth. turned out that’s where he was from too. well, we ended up figuring out that he had grown up just next door to my good friend peter russell and had known him and his family for his whole life. it just happened that we were already connected by more than just the vipassana course we had just attended.

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