Awake in the Dream

14 11 2008

I had an interesting dream event the other night and thought I’d share it.

If you’ve read any Carlos Castaneda books, I’m sure you know one thing written about is wakeful dreaming.  It’s glossed over a couple of times in the other books of his I’ve read, and I don’t even know for sure that that’s the term he gave it, but I think you know what I mean by it.  One of the books in the series is The Art of Dreaming. I haven’t read that one yet.  Okay?!!

Anyway, one of the early assignments that don Juan gives Carlos in his apprenticeship is to remain awake in his dreams, and the first step is to keep himself in the dream and also in control.  To this end, he suggests that Carlos focus on his hands during the dreaming.  Then he can glance up at what else is in his dreams, but that as soon as things started to change or happen, he should look back down at his hands and reground himself in something he knows.  Eventually, he said, Carlos should be able to engage longer in the dream world, and even begin to manipulate it.

So I started trying to do this occasionally, and I’ve never succeeded at night.  But yesterday morning, I awoke momentarily and happened to think of trying to look at my hands as I nodded back off.  Somehow, I realized that I was staring at my hands and I wasn’t really awake.  So I looked up, and saw my friend Ajay sitting cross-legged on a pillow as if meditating in a room with wood flooring, a window over his left shoulder.  I looked back down at my hands and was pretty excited, and fearful that I was going to lose my control.  I looked back up, though and he was still there.  He seemed to be pleased for me, and was encouraging me to keep doing it.  I looked back down at my hands and decided that I would try to manipulate the environment when I looked back up, though I knew that it was probably a little presumptuous to think that I could reach that level and would probably lose my control.  I looked up and started imagining Ajay and his pillow floating upwards, and, within a few seconds, he did.  He got very excited for me, and so did I, and as I started wondering what else I could do, I lost the entire thing and woke up a couple of seconds later.

I think the lack of conviction in what should happen next precipitated my loss of ability, but I also don’t think I could have done any kind of involved, complex scene.  Probably the smallness of the initial situation was to my advantage.  Maybe I’ll get better at it.  Get off my back!




3 responses

14 11 2008

ajay?!?! really? he’s your spiritual dream guide? come on! i mean. . .come on! of all the indian people you know, you could’ve picked anyone, but you picked the sood. i’m not mad, i’m just disappointed.

okay, not really. ajay’s a cool dude and sorta zen in his own way. if anyone was going to be floating around on a pillow, i guess it’d be him.

nice job doog.

17 11 2008

what you didn’t know was that at that exact moment, miles away, ajay WAS floating around on a pillow.

17 11 2008

who eeeeez this?

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