What Made Them That Way?

5 03 2008

Long ago, I detected my attitudinal hints of misanthropy and superiority, but elected to call it an interest in the humanities. I’d “observe the effects of social stratification” or “consider the undercurrents of socioeconomic system,” but really I suppose I was doing all the academic thinking I could to prevent having to call myself a judgmental A-hole. And it’s not that I never considered the circumstances by which people become who they are–that’s always king in my thoughts–but I also never stopped wondering which parts of them were naturally there. You can feed a redneck Polander All-Fruit, but you can’t stop him from calling it jelly.

Along with my interest in the humanities, I’ve also long fostered a keen enjoyment of semi-ridiculous sketch comedy. The State, Kids in the Hall, Upright Citizens Brigade. I love it. So, somewhere along the line, I put them together in my mind, and when someone peculiar presented a peculiar behavior, I started inventing backstories to describe or explain their peculiarities. I imagine getting a video camera and putting some together one day, in a segment I’d like to Call “What Made Them That Way?”




One response

12 05 2008
Mr. Allyson

That’s a really fun game in meetings especially. I would want to hear your WMTTW segments.

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