29 02 2008

So I’ve been, energetically speaking, in dire straits recently.  I guess for a few months.  It’s been winter, so the lack of outdoor fun and exercise can certainly be held responsible to an extent.  My poor diet can always be blamed.  And of course, the numbing routines of work and general life maintenance never really add much in the way of excitement/energy.  But I’ve been more tired than that this year.  I’ve never been able to go to sleep before 11, and I’ve been doing it at will for a couple of months now.  Cause for alarm?  More evidence of aging (assuming that aging affects most people similarly and observations on my elders is a valid reference)?

The sleep isn’t just shifting, after all, like with genuine old people who go to bed at 9 but then wake up at 4:30 in the morning and have had a full breakfast, walk, and bowel movement before my alarm even goes off.  I’ve had just as hard of a time awakening as the days when I drank a-plenty didn’t “go to sleep” as much as I passed out at 3 in the morning.

I spoke with a 23-year-old girl, Office Jacki for those of you who remember mention of her in a previous post, and she spoke of energy in much the same way I did at her age.  Active mind wants to stay up late, waking early and working, a little groggy but fine and sharp overall.  Repeat daily.   So maybe it’s just age?

Then I spoke to a gentleman, a few years older than am I, at lunch who’d just returned from a 5-day vacation, and he was in amazement, telling me tales, in awe of himself, of waking early, feeling great, eating well, staying up half the night, and repeating.  His daily life is not unlike mine, energy complaints included.  This is why he was amazed at how much energy he had for those 5 days.

Is it just about vacationing, or:  not working?  Too simple, man (and kind of pathetic–sounds like a lazy wanker’s theory).  Maybe it’s about keeping the mind invigorated and dealing with new situations and new things. That’s kind of my guess.  I feel more energized after a good conversation with someone, no matter what time it is, and that’s the evidence I nearly mindlessly present for my guess.

Nearly mindlessly because I am at work right now.  In the highly compartmentalized current model of economy and occupation, I think not too many of us really think or encounter new things or ideas at work very often.  I’m totally right if you’re tired right now.  Don’t question it.




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