Eric’s Quick Visit

20 02 2008

So, my boy Eric made a surprising but acceptable decision to convince his wife to take care of the kids alone on Saturday evening, promising to return Sunday morning, and came down to visit from Chesapeake.  He kissed his young children good-bye and drove 3 hours to hang out.

We were indecisive for a while about what to do.  Get 40’s?  Go to a bar?  Rough up some neighborhood kids?  We were adults, man, and we were tethered by no one, by nothing.  We started walking, deciding to stop by the convenience store at the end of my block, where we, overcome by the possibilities, bought glass-bottle Cokes, Skittles, Peanut Butter M&M’s, and Mallow Cups.  We carried our bounty in our pockets, trading candies and sipping our Cokes as we walked the streets of Carrboro.

Of course, we had a moment of clarity when we realized, without shame, that we were two 30-year-old dudes loose on the town, able to do anything we liked, and we’d decided to live out his 4-year-old boy’s fantasy–staying up late and eating tons of candy.

FYI… it’s still a lot of fun.  We were wiser than we thought in our early years.




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