Two Dreams

16 02 2008

Dream 1

I  was at my mother’s house, worrying myself over what kinds of things I needed to pack and how much money I should bring.  Lauren’s parents had invited us to spend 10 days at a beach house that they’d rented (nevermind the fact that Lala would never submit to spending so long with them).  I was alone in Goldsboro, though, and kept taking a Caprice Classic that was at the house into town to pick up things I thought I needed.  Lala was getting annoyed with me.  “Just bring clothes.  They’re taking care of everything else.  This is on them.”  Once I drove all the way up the road and decided to come back, but drove all the way in reverse.  I decided that the Caprice Classic was the best car I’d ever driven for backing up–it had great visibility and had very stable steering.

Dream 2

It was Vivek’s bachelor party weekend, and presumably we were in Montreal.  The only people I knew were Vivek and Amol, but the group seemed pretty laid-back and fun.  The night we arrived, we sat around for a while and joked around, had some beers, relaxed.  Somebody told a joke about a pregnant woman, and the punchline was about her tilting her belly to the sky and offering her progeny up to Yoda… and it was the funniest thing I’d ever heard.  I couldn’t stop laughing, even.

Later, we went to a bar, and it surprised me by being pretty cool–the music was good and wasn’t overwhelmingly loud, it wasn’t too smoky, the lighting was dim but adequate, and the bartenders were friendly.  I kept seeing a girl with hair that I thought looked plastic and I really wanted to go talk to her to get a better look, but before I had the chance, our group was moving to the back of the bar, where a room I hadn’t previously noticed was bright with fluorescent lights.  There were two bouncers at a door that said “ID Required: Must be 27 or Older.”  I was alarmed and wondered what could possibly be back there that a 26 year old wasn’t allowed to see.  Everyone else went through but Vivek and me, and he put his arm around me and told me this was gonna be great.  We gave our ID’s.  The bouncer held onto mine as though he thought it was a fake, but after a moment let us through.

The next room was extremely dark, but there was an illuminated doorway at the end of it, and we went to it.  We walked through and saw an immense open space, dimly but adequately lit, kind of bluish, like the bar up front.  There was an olympic sized swimming pool in the room, and lots of strippers walked around the perimeter.  Wow.  There were lots of guys in the end near us, calling strippers in and having “water dances” performed, but our group was being led to the far end, where our own set of girls was awaiting us.  Everyone dropped to their undies and jumped into the pool, myself included, and grabbed onto the wall, where apparently all of us were going to get some kind of water lap dances.  A lead girl was walking up and down the line, pairing up strippers with guys and telling them what they’d each be getting.  Everything sounded pretty dirty, and there were some skinny asian guys in our group that looked to be nervous.  Terms like “pelvic thrash” and “coochie face” were being thrown around.  I pushed off the wall and started floating back.  I heard her say that she was short a girl, and I knew I was the one who’d be left out, but I didn’t mind.  I floated all the way to the middle point of the pool and ran into a wall.

They were still organizing my group.  I saw a little bottle on the side of the pool.   It was pale yellow, had a drawing of a koala on it, and read “Lotion for your face and hands and crotch and cock and balls.”  I was shocked, and realized it was meant to be lubricant for added sensitivity while the girls were doing their pool dances on you.  I looked around and saw that these bottles were all over the sides of the pool.  Eww.  But funny.  I went for my phone to take a picture of it, but realized I didn’t have it.  I thought about going to get my clothes and take a picture, but didn’t remember where they were.

The next day, Amol and I were sitting around a regular outside pool, and a few of my mom’s friends were there.  The only one I remember is Kathy Longmire, who doesn’t live in North Carolina anymore, but who was saying that she understood why none of her far-off friends thought it was cool to come visit her in NC, which is why she has to travel so much to keep in touch.  It also happens she was pregnant.  And she, already lying back, motioned to the sky and made the same comment about commending her progeny to Yoda that someone had made in the joke the night before, and Amol and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.




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