A Dream

15 02 2008

It was Dr. Sandler’s retirement party, and maybe 20 of us were there.  Dr. Sandler was wearing a UNC basketball jersey, and we’d just been to a game to start the whole thing off.  We won, everyone was in a good mood.  We were in a breakout room somewhere, and while we were boistrous and having a good time, so was a group next to us, so I went over to see what they were doing.  When I came back, people were giving gifts, and I felt badly because I didn’t have one for him.  I forget what most of them were, but one was a wah-wah pedal, and he seemed pretty excited about it.  I realized it was a good idea to get him things for new hobbies.  After a minute, Doc grabbed me and said that we had to go down, because the team would be coming out pretty soon.  Apparently he was going to try to get his jersey signed by the team, and we were near their locker room.  Everyone else got excited and started leaving, but his wife stayed behind.  I stayed for a minute and talked to her.  I can’t remember in the least what we said.




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