Dew Glistening on a Newly Formed Leaf

8 02 2008

And suddenly, I have a weblog. Weird. I was never afraid of this technology, like I’ve been with so many technologies before (i.e., body hair removal spray, the flowbee, kill-bots, e.g., MD), but I was hesitant to even consider its benefits. After all, any blog I’d seen was either a one-dimensional stare into a single field of interest (and what could be more boring?) or an unapologetic never-ending discussion one was having with oneself about one’s life (oh yeah… that’s more boring). I guess I knew of a couple of people who checked photographers’ blogs and saw some good stuff, but in the end, I didn’t see the use of involving myself in such an apparent self-indulgence.

But then, I figured, I’m totally worth it. Well, to be more accurate, I started thinking of all the different things I could keep track of through a blog if I were able to categorize my entries. I already keep spotty logs of my dreams, ideas I have for stories to write (forget that I haven’t written creatively in billions upon billions of hundredths of seconds), and excerpts of books or articles that I’m reading that I find interesting or awesome. So I spoke to my communicationally and internetically enlightened friend Mr. Allyson, who explained to me that a blog would be terrific for this purpose–and I could keep the entries separate when reviewing through the use of categorization. A poke and nudge later, and I now exist on wordpress.

Congratulations to Mr. Allyson for getting the first props issued in this blog.

So anyway, if you choose to read this drivel, check the category so you know what you’re in for. I’ll most likely just be using this space to make notes for myself, but you might be of the ilk who finds what I’m thinking about to be interesting, so that should work for you. I’ll try also to post links to things I find that are awesome, to help you expand your awareness of awesomeness. And I’ll try to keep to a minimum anything about me and my silly little life, lest someone should call me out for writing out what I’ve already proclaimed to be the most boring thing in the world to talk about. I do recognize the value in its occasional use, however, as I read Mary Menton’s blog yesterday and was very grateful to be able to catch up on her life a little. Blogs aren’t useless idea-treadmills! I know that now.

Congrats to Mary for getting the second props published in her name! Deserving she is.

That’s it. Welcome to this area space land. If you know about it, you know I don’t dislike you.




3 responses

8 02 2008

dude! I spell my name with an “i”, not a “y”, and I’m totes not a Mr.
In other news, when do I get my shout-out proper?

8 02 2008

Oh no! See, I knew going public would cause nothing but problems. I also did seek blog advice from MS. Allison, not Mr. Allyson, who was also helpful in penetrating my anti-blog sentiments. I shouted to MR because SHE put me over the edge, but a shout to MS, a proper foghorn loud-n-long shout, shall surely not be far away. Everyone just be cool.

10 02 2008
Mr, Allyson

That’s what I’m here for, to put people over the edge. THE EDGE OF THE MOBIUS STRIP that is.
That, or I saw this webcomic and thought of you(TM).

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